Booking times are between 0700 hrs and 2300 hrs (GMT) Journey times are 24hrs a day, 7 days a week.

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Reliability is our watchword so help us to help you!

1. Making a booking

Bookings can be made via email at enqu[email protected] or by phone on +44(0)207 967 8698 or +44(0)7956 898782. You can also text 07956 898782 but do not consider a booking confirmed until you have received a reply or reference number from us. It is your responsibility to make sure your booking (or cancellation) whether by email or text, has received a response. Failure to receive a response within 6 hours of initial communication would therefore mean non-receipt of your enquiry and we urge you to call us by telephone asap for your confirmation number.

We cannot be held responsible for your booking or cancellation if you have not received communication back from us.

As regards to baby/child seats, we do provide seating for infants if so requested, and subject to availability. In the event that extra seating is booked but we cannot provide on an INBOUND journey,(usually due to a previous child soiling the seat on the way, we may send the driver without the seat so as not to keep the passengers waiting at the airport unecessarily but  we may  offer a 10% discount on your journey for the inconvenience caused.(Please note it is perfectly legal to strap the child on an adults lap as long as you are travelling in a PRIVATE HIRE VEHICLE OR MINI CAB)

If the journey is OUTBOUND, it is usually much easier to re-arrange another seat from our offices but can take up to 40min(usually 15-20min) to provide one. You are free to use your own seat/seats, if you prefer not to wait, and we may store it for you pending your return. 

We understand that parents want to keep their children as safe as possible on road trips, but unfortunately not all kids can keep their food/milk down when travelling over numerous speed bumps and turning round dozens of corners! It is inevitable and regrettable that on occassion, when a driver is on a journey with a child or children who subsequently throw up, the practicality of then presenting that seat to subsequent travellers is not there, to say the least. Thankfully, this does not happen often, but when it does, please bear with us!!!

2. Cancelling a booking

We understand that circumstances can change and it may affect a booking you have previously made. In these circumstances please note the ff.

a. For bookings to the airport from either hotel or home we require a minimum of 3 hrs notice in advance in order to offer a full refund or effect a no charge policy, otherwise, a part payment of 50% of the fare will become due.

b. For pickups from the airport to hotel or home we would require no less than 24hrs notice in advance to effect a full refund otherwise a part payment of 50% of the fare becomes due.

Cancellations can be done by email or text but unless a response is received from us, do not regard it as being confirmed. You must call us within the accepted time frame to effect your change.

3. Change of Schedule

We rarely expect a change of schedule but if that affects you, remember we would need plenty of time to effect the change so you must tell us ASAP by phone otherwise charges may apply. Whether you delay your journey by a few hours or a few days or just a question of transferring to another hotel or different airport on arrival, we are here to help. We would require a minimum of 3 hours to effect a change of schedule without charge, otherwise, unfortunately charges may apply. Please note we cannot accept responsibility for late transfers caused by incorrect/insufficient information being supplied by the customer.

4. Airport Pickup (Meet & Greet Service)

If you have arranged a meet and greet service with us, unless otherwise arranged before hand, all pickups are at the Airport Information Desk/Pre-arranged Meeting Point In Arrivals. We would ask that you give us a call or send a text as soon as you touch down so as to enable your driver guage how long you will take to go through immigration and customs before collecting your luggage.

We must advise that we solely rely on the airports Flight Information Database to monitor landing times and it may not always be accurate. We, therefore strongly advise you to make contact at the earliest opportunity if your flight arrives early as we may not have that information initially to hand, and that may cause unwanted and unnecessary delays. We normally ask the drivers to go in 30 to 40minutes after the flight landing time depending on the flight. If you have no checked -in luggage please let us know from the onset as this can greatly alter the time intervals between landing and your exit from the airport. We actively monitor the landing schedules of all flights and act accordingly.

If your flight comes in much earlier than expected, it is your responsibility to inform us of such so as to avoid any unnecessary delays in meeting your driver. The number to call is 07956898782 or freephone 08001357533. Remember, your prebooked driver will be waiting on standby outside the terminal building awaiting the 30 to 40min interval before coming to the information desk or designated meeting point in the Arrivals Hall.

5. Waiting Time (Pickups)

Our Airport pickup fares(inbound) are slightly more than the fares to the airport(outbound) but include a waiting time of up to 1hour after the landing time of your flight. Should you envisage a longer waiting time on your arrival, it is your responsibility to inform us ASAP and before your driver parks up in order for us to act accordingly, otherwise we may charge for the extra period of delay and the car park fees.

Should your driver wait up to75mins and no passenger identified or communication received, he will be advised to leave the airport premises onto his/her next job. In such instances, full payment of fare will be required and if prebooked, no refunds offered.


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